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17th District
9 Aug

09 AUG 18- Community Alert 017th District Home Invasion Burglary
This alert gives notice to citizens in the 017th District of two Burglary/ Home Invasions which have occurred. In each case unknown offender(s) entered the victim’s residence and took items from within.  The victim(s) were home at the time.  The offender(s) gained entry to the victim(s) home by claiming they had been working nearby, and were returning the victim’s dog who had escaped the residence.


15 Jul

15 Jul 18-17th District Robberies
This alert gives notice of recent Robberies that occurred within the boundaries of the 17th District (Albany Park) on Beat 1712. In all of these incidents, the offenders struck the victims with fists and took property.


15 Jun

15 Jun 18-Business Alert-17th District Commerical Burglaries
There have been Commercial Burglaries in the 17th District.  In two of these cases, the unknown offender used a cement block or a large rock to break the glass door of the business and then entered the business and took property. In one incident, the offender entered through the front door of the business and took property.