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19th District
2 Aug

Bureau of Detectives – Area North
Community Alert
Alert# JA339275
Seeking to Identify – Wanted for Aggravated Battery
019th District (Townhall)
About The Crimes
On July 8, 2017 at 05:03 A.M., an unknown male Asian was involved in an aggravated battery at
the Sheridan Redline Station on the 3900 block of North Sheridan Ave. A 49 year-old male was
knocked down a flight of stairs. The offender followed the victim and repeatedly kicked the
victim in his head. The Victim suffered a broken orbital socket and broken pelvis, along with
multiple bruises and abrasions. The offender boarded at Thorndale and exited at Sheridan.
About The Offender
• The subject is described as Male “Philipino”, 25-35 years, 5’03-5’07/130-160lbs Brown short
parted hair and Olive complexions.
• The offender was wearing a white polo shirt with a dark stripe on the collar, dark pants and
gray shoes.
What You Can Do
• If you recognize the subject in the photo or have any additional information call Area North
If you have any information about this incident,
Please call the Area North Detectives at (312)744-8261
Reference RD# JA-339275


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30 May

30 May 17 Armed Robbery 19th District (P17-N-124)

Bureau of Detectives – Area North
Business Alert
Armed Robbery
19th District
(Town Hall)
About the Crime:
This alert gives notice to three robberies of businesses at locations within the
boundaries of the 19th District. In these robberies, one male white or hispanic
offender entered the business and ordered items for purchase, then proceeded to
imply he had a weapon then took items from victims. In the most recent incident the
offender dragged the sales clerk behind the counter while holding a knife,
proceeding to take liquor and cigarettes before fleeing.
Incident times and locations:
• 4000 block of N. Kenmore, on May 11, 2017 at 02:00am.
• 3900 block of N. Sheridan, on May 13, 2017 at 03:00am
• 2800 block of N. Ashland on May 30, 2017 at 02:34am.
About the Offender:
Male White or Male Hispanic, 30 – 40 years of age, 5’05 – 5’11, 200 – 280 pounds
Black Baseball Cap with Red Bill and a large number 23 on hat in 2 incidents, Blue
Cubs Baseball Cap in one incident, Black Jacket or Sweater, Grey T-Shirt, Black or
Tan Shorts, Black Gym shoes.
What you can do:
• Be aware of this crime and alert nearby businesses.
• Pay special attention to any suspicious groups loitering in the area.
• Have and maintain a working surveillance system for your business.
• Refrain from touching any area of your business where the offenders may have
touched, or may have left an item behind.
• Call 911 immediately and provide a detailed description of the offender(s)
including any vehicle description and license plate information.
If you have any information Contact the Bureau of Detectives – Area North
(312) 744-8263
JA 259602 JA 261708 JA 284495
Reference: P17-N-124
May 30, 2017