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14th District
25 Apr 2019
25 April 19- Community Alert-14th District (Shakespeare) and 25th District (Grand Central)-Armed Robberies P19-N-111 NP

This alert gives notice to the residents in the 14th District (Shakespeare) and 25th District (Grand Central) of recent armed robberies. In these incidents, an unknown offender(s) pulled up to the victims in a vehicle, either a white van or an SUV. One to two offenders exited the vehicle and approached the victims. Upon approaching the victims, the offender(s) proceeded to physically assault and rob (or attempt to rob) the victims of an unknown amount of US currency and property.

17 Jan 2019

17 Jan 19 - Community Alert for Thefts - 14th, 19th, 24th Districts - P19-N-017
This alert gave notice to citizens in the 014, 019 and 024 Districts of incidents that have occurred recently.  In each incident, an offender entered the laundry room of an apartment building, broke open the coin box of the laundry machines and stole the coins.


8 Jan 2019
8-Jan-19 Community Alert- 14th District (Shakespeare) Aggravated Vehicular Hijackings P-19-N-008 -NP

This alert gives notice to residents in the 14th District of two aggravated and one attempt vehicular hijackings that have occurred recently.  In all three incidents, an unknown offender displayed a silver handgun and demanded the victim’s vehicle.  In two of the incidents, the offender was wearing a hooded sweatshirt and a white surgical mask.  In one incident, he was accompanied by a female offender.