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14th District
9 Nov 2019

09 Nov 19 - Business Alert - Business burglaries - 14th District
In these incidents an unknown offender used a brick/rock to break a window belonging to the business, after which the offender was able gain entry. Upon gaining entry into the business the unknown offender proceeded to remove USC or clothing from the business. The unknown offender then fled the scene.

9 Oct 2019

09 Oct 19 - Business Alert - 14th District Robbery - P19-N-259CA
This alert gives notice to businesses located in the 14th District of recent Armed Robberies. In these incidents an unknown offender enters the Walgreens located at 2001 N. Milwaukee, after which the offender takes/conceals store merchandise. Upon being confronted by the store employee the offender threatens the victim with a weapon and flees the store with store merchandise with store merchandise.