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Month: December 2017
31 Dec 2017

31 Dec 17-1st District Business Alert-Robberies
This alert gives notice to businesses operating in the 1st (Central) District of robbery related incidents during the month of December. The offenders entered cell phone stores, grabbed display phones, and threatened to stab store employees if they intervene.  Offender displayed a knife in one incident.  Offenders then fled on foot with numerous phones.  These incidents occurred during the daytime hours in the general geographical locations listed below :

30 Dec 2017

Community Alert Burglary_P17-1-324C - 18th District
This alert gives notice to businesses of the 18th District of recently reported commercial burglary related incidents on Beats 1831 and 1832.  In each incident, the offender(s) forces entry through a door/and or window and enters the business. Once inside, the offender removes computers, laptops, and other property.

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