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Business Alerts
22 Feb 2019

22 Feb 19-business alert-3rd district burglaries
This alert gives notice to citizens residing in the 3rd District (Grand Crossing) of burglary incidents which have occurred during the month of February.  In these incidents, the offenders entered retail establishment store by prying boards that covered a broken door window and removed property therein.  These incidents have occurred in the geographical locations listed below:

21 Feb 2019

21 Feb 19 Business Alert - Burglary - 19th & 18th District P19 CWP-007
This alert gives notice to two recent Forcible Entry Burglaries of businesses. In both of these burglaries, two offenders entered the business with the use of a pry tool / crow bar. The offenders then took beauty products and cosmetics. The offenders then fled the area, in at least one instance, a white or silver pick-up truck.

15 Feb 2019
15 Feb 19 - Business Alert - Armed Robberies 8th District ( Chicago Lawn) & 22nd district (Morgan Park) 19-CWP-005 (BA) NP

This alert gives notice to businesses in the 8th District (Chicago Lawn) & 22nd District (Morgan Park) of recent armed robberies which occurred on beats 831, 835, 2211 & 2221.  In these incidents, a male offender, wearing a mask, entered small retail stores, or fast food restaurants, displayed a handgun and demanded money from the register.

9 Feb 2019

09 Feb 19 - Business Alert Commerical Business Burglary 012
This alert gives notice to businesses operating in the 012th District (Near West) of burglary related incidents which have occurred during the month of January on Beat 1224. In these incidents, an offender forcefully enters commercial businesses through a window and steals merchandise from inside.

3 Feb 2019
03 Feb 19 - Business Alert - Bank Robberies 1st District (Central) - P19-1-026BA -NP

This alert gives notice to citizens and businesses operating in the 1st District (Central) of bank robbery related incidents that occurred during the month of January. In these incidents, the offender entered bank lobbies and observed operations, then exited the bank. He returned at a later time, approached the bank tellers and passed them a deposit slip. The slip contained a handwritten note relating that he is conducting a “hold up”, that he has a gun and that he demands money. Upon receiving money from the teller, the offender fled on foot to various vehicles.

2 Feb 2019
2 Feb 19 -Business Alert -Armed Robberies of Rideshare Drivers 15th District (Austin) P19-N-034BA NP

This alert gives notice to the rideshare drivers operating in the 15th District (Austin) of two recent armed robberies. In these robberies, the rideshare drivers picked up an African-American male offender and at some point during the ride the offender displayed a handgun and demanded property from the rideshare driver.

31 Jan 2019
31 JAN 19- Business Alert- 20th District (Lincoln) Business Burglaries P19-N-032(CA) NP

This alert gives notice to the recent Burglaries that have occurred in various businesses in the 20th District (Lincoln). In these Burglaries, the unknown offender(s) gained entry into the business by shattering the front door or climbing through windows. Once inside the business, the offender(s) stole an unknown amount of US currency from within the cash registers