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Community Alerts
26 Aug 2020
25 Aug 20 - Community Alert- 24th District Robberies P20-3-161(CA)
16 Jul 2020
16 Jul 20 - Community Alert - 24th District - Seeking to ID_Agg Battery JD267113
28 May 2020

28 May 20 - Burglaries-Thefts Community Alert 24th District
This alert gives notice to residents in the 24th District (Rogers Park) of recent burglaries and thefts.  In these incidents, the offender picks the lock to the front or rear entrance of the building in order to make entry. The offender takes packages from the premises.

24 Mar 2019

24 Mar 19 - Community Alert - 16th District Theft - P19-N-074
This alert gives notice to the residents of the 16th District.(Jefferson Park), 17th District. (Albany Park), 20th District (Lincoln), 24th District (Rogers Park) of numerous thefts from autos (Jeep Grand Cherokees) that have occurred. In these incidents, the victims parked their vehicles near their homes and when they returned to their vehicles, they discover that their car battery had been stolen.

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