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CPD Charge Release: Two Men Charged After Firing a Handgun at an Off-Duty Police Officer
25 Apr

Charges for GustavoVillagomez & Kevin Martinez _Agg Assault PO_VillaGomez and Martinez were both arrested and charged with firing a handgun at an off-duty Chicago Police Officer.  The incident occurred April 23, 2015  at approximately 10:55 pm on the 2600 block of W. Division.  The officer was at a red-light when the offenders approached him on the passenger side of his vehicle in an SUV.  The offenders then began yelling gang slogans to the officer, who then identified himself as a Chicago Police Officer.  The officer began to drive away at which time the offenders fired a shot in the direction of the officer as they chased him down the street, firing a second time as the officer turned onto North Ave.  The officer then drove to the 014th (Shakespeare) district and was able to give a description of the offenders and their vehicle.  014th district officers immediately responded and apprehended the offenders, who were then positively identified by the officer and charged accordingly.  Martinez was currently out on bond for a prior firearm’s related charge.  No further information is available.