25 Sep 2020

CPD Community Alert-Burglaries 24th District (Rogers Park)

Categories: Community Alerts

This alert gives notice to residents in the 24th District (Rogers Park) of recent burglaries on beat 2413. In these incidents, the unknown offender inserted an object into the door lock of the residential building. He then manipulated the object in order to make entry. Once inside the building, the offender removed or attempted to …

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23 Sep 2020

CPD Business Alert-Commercial Burglaries 22nd District (Morgan Park)

Categories: Business Alerts

This alert gives notice to businesses located in the Washington Heights and Auburn Gresham neighborhood of recent commercial burglaries. In both cases, cash registers were stolen after the offenders forcibly entered the businesses. These incidents have occurred in the vicinity of the 8700-9900 Block of South Halsted St. during the overnight hours.

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