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Business Alerts
5 Jun 2019

05 Jun 19 - Business Alert - 25th District Burglary -P19-N-144
This business alert is to inform local businesses of recent burglary incidents that have occurred in the 25th District, specifically on Beat 2533.  In these incidents, the offender breaks the front door/panel, gains entry into the establishment and removes items from the premises. The offender uses a rock or brick to break the glass.

4 Jun 2019

03 Jun 19 - Armed Robberies - 2nd District CA
This alert gives notice to businesses in the 002nd (Wentworth) District of recent robbery related incidents on Beats 223, and 225.  In each incident, one male offender enters a fast food restaurant and places a note announcing a robbery on the counter.  The offender then takes money from the cash register and flees the restaurant on foot.  In one of the incidents, the handle of a black gun was observed.  These incidents have occurred during the evening hours at the locations listed below:

28 May 2019

28 May 19 - Business Alert - 17th District Thefts - P19-N-137BA
There have been recent construction site thefts in the 17th District. In these incidents, the victims were contractors and construction companies that were doing demolition work or rehabbing buildings. The unknown offender took electrical wiring, copper wiring or copper piping from the construction sites.