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Community Alerts
12 May 2015

Robberies have occurred in the 024th District during which one or two offender(s) approach the victims on the public way in the early morning hours and display a silver hand gun while verbally demanding that the victims give them everything they have. One incident involved the taking of wallets and phones, and the other incident involved the taking of property and the victim’s vehicle.  11May15 024th Dist-Armed Robberies-P15-N-114_CA[1]

26 Jan 2015

About the Crime:

This alert gives notice to businesses in the 24th District of armed robberies of pizza delivery drivers occurring in the evening hours. In one incident the victim enteredthe building vestibule, three offenders came down the stairs and robbed the victim at gunpoint and fled. In the second incident the victim was in the building courtyard when after calling the order phone number, two offenders emerged from the gangway and robbed him at gunpoint. The offenders then fled.

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