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11th DIstrict
26 Mar 2019

26 Mar 19 - Community Alert - Armed Robbery 11th District
This alert gives notice of recent armed robberies that have occurred at the 1100 block of South Troy. In these incidents offenders meet victims, using a variety of methods (food delivery order, internet and walking by location).  Offender(s) produce a black or silver handgun and state “Give me!” followed by expected victim possessions, then rob victim at gunpoint.  In one incident victim’s car was taken.  Times and locations are listed below:

24 Mar 2019
16 Feb 2019

16 Feb 19 - Community Alert - Motor Vehicle Thefts - P18-N-343B
This alert gave notice of recent vehicle thefts that occurred in the 011th District. In these incidents, a victim left their vehicle running unattended, usually to maintain vehicle heat in cold weather. Then unknown offender(s) stole the victim’s automobile. Times and locations are listed below:

11 Feb 2019

11 Feb 19 - Community Alert - Criminal Sexual Assault 11th District
On February 11th 2019, at approximately 2:10 a.m., the 32 year old victim while walking to purchase cigarettes observed an unknown black male following her from behind for several blocks.  The victim then related that the unknown black male disappeared.  The victim purchased her cigarettes from a house and proceeded to walk back the way she came.  The victim stated that she was grabbed from behind by the unknown male who was following her earlier.  The offender dragged the victim to the rear entrance of an abandoned building on the 1100 block of N. Keystone and forced her inside the premises.  The offender while in the building struck the victim with a closed fist to the left side of her head.  The offender then sexually assaulted the victim.  The offender fled in an unknown direction.  The victim returned to her friend’s house where she was transported to St. Mary’s Hospital.


11 Jan 2019

11 Jan 19-Community Alert-Strongarm Robberies-11th District
This alert gives notice of recent cellphone thefts and a robbery that have occurred at the CTA Blue Line stops of 530 S Pulaski and 530 S Kedzie in the 011th District. In these incidents the offender, will wait till a CTA train is stopping at the two CTA stops, then the Offender “snatches” (steal with a rapid movement) a cell phone from victim on the CTA train.  Offender then flees the station.  Times and locations are listed below: