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11th DIstrict
11 Jan 2019

11 Jan 19-Community Alert-Armed Robberies, Vehicular Hijacking
This alert gives notice of recent armed robberies that have occurred. In these incidents typically, a lone male victim arranges to meet a female, usually for the purpose of sexual gratification via the internet.  Usually the victim travels to the 4200 block of West Wilcox to meet the female.  Once there multiple male offenders approach and rob victim of person items (sometimes including a vehicle).


6 Jan 2019

06 Jan 19 - Business Alert - Delivery Robberies Beat 11th District
This alert gives notice of recent Robberies that have occurred in the 011th District. In these incidents, a pizza delivery driver victim delivers food near the area of Independence/Fillmore (Beat 1133).  Before the victim is able to deliver the food (3) offenders appear.  An offender produces a black handgun and rob victim at gunpoint.  Times and locations are listed below:

3 Jan 2019
3 Jan 19-community alert-Kidnapping 11th District (harrison)JC100422 NP

On January 1, 2019 at approximately 5:45 a.m. the victim was walking to the rear door of her home in the 4500 block of West Wilcox St.  An offender in a dark blue vehicle, possibly a Ford Freestyle, pulled next to the victim and forced her inside of his vehicle. The offender punched and stomped on the victim’s head and body while inside of the vehicle. The victim was able to fight back against the offender and scratch him with her fingernails.  The victim escaped from the offender’s vehicle, in the 4600 block of West Flournoy St. and ran home to call police.

18 Dec 2018

18 Dec 18-Community Alert-11th District Armed Robberies
This alert gives notice of recent armed robberies that have occurred. In these incidents, offender(s) approached victims in the area near Congress/Pulaski in the 011th District.  Offender(s) produced a small black snub pistol (in one case a knife as well). Offender(s) then robbed victims and fled the area on foot.  Times and locations are listed below:

6 Dec 2018

06 Dec 2018 -Preliminary Statement on Police Involved Shooting - 3400 W
CHICAGO – On Wednesday December 5, 2018 at approximately 11:23 p.m., Harrison (11th) District Police Officers observed a vehicle in the parking lot of a gas station in the 3900 block of West Roosevelt that was wanted for firing several shots in the vicinity earlier in the evening.   Officers approached on foot at which time the male driver accelerated towards the officers striking a squad car and fence

1 Oct 2018

01 OCT 18 011th District Community Alert Armd Robberies (P18-N-200B ca)
This alert gives notice of recent armed robberies that have occurred in the 011th District. In these incidents the offender(s), where armed with weapons, approached the victims, struck the victims with the weapon, and demanded their personal property. In some incidents the victims were food delivery drivers or ride-share drivers.

6 Sep 2018
06 Sep 18 - 11th District Community Alert Wanted for a Fatal Hit and Run

On August 23, 2018 at 2:05 a.m. a bicyclist was last seen riding his bicycle eastbound in the 4600 block of west Division Street.   He was then struck by a vehicle driving eastbound on Division Street from Cicero Avenue.  A 42-year-old male was possibly struck by the below described vehicle and died from his injuries.