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1st District
19 Jul 2019
19 Jul 19 - Community Alert - 1st District Agg Battery P19-1-236(CA)


6 Jul 2019

06 Jul 19- 1st Dist
This alert gives notice to residents of the 001st District (Central) of an Aggravated Criminal Sexual Assault incident that occurred underneath the I-290 overpass located in the 400 block of S. Des Plaines Ave. on the date of July 6, 2019 at approximately 7:45 a.m.  The female adult victim was standing at the Greyhound bus station when the unknown male offender approached her on a Divvy bicycle and offered her assistance in looking for a shelter.  The unknown male brought the victim into the homeless encampment located underneath one of the I-290 overpasses and sexually assaulted her.  The victim suffered serious injuries during the attack that required surgery.

12 May 2019

12 May 19 - Comm Alert Att CSA 1st District JC258411
On Friday, May 10, 2019, at 11:17 pm, on the lakefront bike path at 700 block of S. Lake Shore Drive, an unknown male African American offender attempted to criminally sexually assault a 27 year old female. The offender approached her from behind as she walked southbound on the bike path at the lakefront. The 27 year old female struggled with the offender and attempted to deploy pepper spray. The offender was startled by a cyclist which caused him to flee and the 27 year old female made good her escape and flagged down officers.  The victim refused any medical attention at the time.

7 Apr 2019
07 Apr 19- Business Alert-1st, 11th, 15th and 25th District-Robberies-19-CWP-009 NP

This alert gives notice of commercial burglaries to restaurants, convenience stores, and storage facilities. The method of entry has varied based on the structure. The offender made access through roof vents at single story structures and pried/broke doors and windows on larger commercial buildings. Once inside, the offender demolished walls to gain access to registers and offices when necessary. The registers were pried open and an unknown amount of US currency was taken, along with other property.