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17th District
11 Dec 2018

11 DEC 18- Community Alert 017th District Burglaries P18-N-310CA
This alert gives notice of recent related burglaries that have occurred within the 017th District (Albany Park). In these incidents, the offender(s) stated to the victims that they were there to do repairs at the building. While the victim(s) escorted one offender to look at what needed to be repaired, the other offender(s) went into various rooms in the residence and took the victim’s personal property.

1 Dec 2018

01 Dec 18-Community Alert-17th District Armedd Robberies
This alert gives notice of two Armed Robberies that occurred within the boundaries of the 17th District (Albany Park). In both of these incidents, the offender displayed a handgun and demanded property from the victim. In the incident on Whipple, the offender fired a handgun and shot the victim and then the offender fled the scene in a 4-door gray sedan.

16 Nov 2018
16 Nov 18 18-CWP-009(BA) Business Alert 14th,17th,18th,19th and 25th District NP

This alert gives notice to recent Armed and Strong Armed Robberies of convenience stores that have occurred within the boundaries of the 14th, 17th, 18th, 19th and 25th Districts.  While all convenience stores could be a possible target, the ones mentioned in these incidents are 7-11 stores.  In these incidents at least two of the offenders approached the clerk, grabbed and forced him/her to open the cash register. In one incident the offenders displayed handguns.  The other offenders either entered the stores and stole merchandise or stood watch at the store entrance.  The offenders took an unknown amount of US currency from the cash registers, as well as, other items throughout the store.

14 Nov 2018
14 Nov 18 - JB-515021 Attempt Child Abduction-Child Luring 17th District (Albany Park) NP

This alert gives notice to a recent attempt of a child abduction that occurred within the boundaries of the 17th district (Albany Park).  In this case, the victim was walking westbound on Irving Park Road when the male offender seated in a red, 4-door, midsize sedan called the victim over to his vehicle and offered the victim a ride.  The victim refused and began to run away while the offender continued attempts to talk to the victim into his vehicle.


5 Nov 2018

05 Nov 18 Community Alert 17th District
This alert gives notice of recent Motor Vehicle Thefts that have occurred within the boundaries of the 017th District (Albany Park). In all of these incidents, the vehicles were legally parked on the street when they were stolen. Four of the vehicles that were reported stolen are Dodge Caravans.

21 Sep 2018

21 Sep 18 - MAIU 17th District pulaski and kennedy update
On Saturday, September 1st, 2018 at about 9:30 p.m., a male pedestrian was struck by an unknown vehicle in the block of 3900 N. Pulaski Road. The pedestrian suffered life-threatening injuries. The vehicle failed to stop at the scene to render aid and exchange information. A dark colored SUV was reportedly seen passing this location at the time of the impact. This is an area with high volume of vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Service roads in this area allow access north to Irving Park Road and south to enter the Kennedy Expressway, along with an entrance to the CTA Blue Line Train Station. The Chicago Police Department needs the help of the community to solve this Hit and Run.

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